When you search for a topic or question on Google, you may have noticed a section called “People Also Ask” (PAA) appearing in the search results. This feature displays a list of related questions that users often ask about the same topic. Not only does it help users to find the answers to their queries, but it also offers additional information and insights on the subject. In this blog post, we will dive into the topic of People Also Ask, what it is, how it works, and why it’s important.

What Is People Also Ask?

People Also Ask is a feature of Google search results that displays a list of related questions that users often ask about the same topic. It appears in a collapsible format, with each question expanding to display its answer when clicked. This feature is designed to provide users with more information and insights on a topic, help them to find the answers to their queries, and keep them engaged on the search page.

Why Use People Also Ask?

There are several benefits of using People Also Ask feature. Firstly, it helps users to find the answers to their questions quicker and without the need for additional searches. Secondly, it offers additional information and insights, providing a deeper understanding of the topic. Thirdly, it keeps users engaged on the search page, reducing the risk of them visiting other websites and bouncing back to the search results. Lastly, it can also be a great tool for keyword research, providing ideas for new content topics and related keywords.

Why Is it Important?

People Also Ask is an important feature because it enhances the user experience on Google search results. It allows users to more easily find the information they are seeking, which contributes to a positive user experience. Additionally, it provides marketers and content creators with a tool to optimize their content for Google search results. By analyzing the related questions that appear in the PAA section, they can gain insights into the types of queries that users have and create content that meets their informational needs.

How Does It Work?

The People Also Ask feature uses machine learning to understand user search behavior and display related questions. Google algorithms identify the most commonly asked questions about a specific search query and display them in the PAA section. As users interact with the PAA feature by clicking on questions and expanding answers, Google analyzes this behavior to further refine future search results.


Let’s say you search for “best laptops” on Google. The People Also Ask feature will display questions such as “What is the best laptop for video editing?”, “What is the best cheap laptop?”, “What is the best gaming laptop?”, and so on. By expanding these questions, users can find more information on a specific topic and related queries.

Common Questions and Answers

Some common questions that often appear in the People Also Ask section include “How to”, “What is”, “Why”, “Difference between”, and “Types of” questions, among others. The answers can range from a few sentences to several paragraphs, depending on the complexity of the query.


The People Also Ask feature is a valuable tool for users, marketers, and content creators alike. It offers a wealth of information, insights, and keyword research opportunities. By understanding how it works and why it’s important, you can leverage this feature to enhance your search experience, optimize your content, and improve your overall search engine rankings.

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